Benefits of outsourcing web design to Philippines based company

Why would you outsource work?

If you are an company within the digital media and marketing industries, there might be many reasons to outsource. So say you are a magazine, local TV channel or radio station. You have many clients that are long term and loyal to you but have a need for a service you do not offer, let’s say web design or SEO. You might have clients who you don’t want to wander away from you or you don’t want starting to deal with other companies as in the competitive business world this could lead to them leaving you.
If they need a service that you don’t currently provide, then why not “white label” or outsource your work to another local company whom you can trust. You can always sign an NDA (non disclosure agreement) with them if you are worried about client disclosure, but by teaming up with another local company is a “win win” for both of you. You get to keep your regular client happy by providing them the services they need, and your web design outsource company get work they would have never gotten. The benefits are obvious.

Why you can’t provide your client’s needs yourselves

Your company might also not be in a position to afford to expand, or if you could you may find it risky to do so to take on these extra requirements from your current client base. Or there might simply not be enough work yet to financially sustain the expansion. It all seems like a lot of risk with no obvious solution. You don’t want to be unable to service your client’s needs, but you don’t really want them wandering else where and being offered or pointed in the direction of your competitors. By teaming up and outsourcing you can brand up all work as your own companies safe in the knowledge a professional and reputable local company is working in a mutually beneficial relationship with you.

No risk and low commitment arrangement

This solution can be an ad hoc type of arrangement, meaning no long term commitment for you if the work is sporadic etc. You could even use multiple different companies for different requirements and digital solutions. Taking on a member of staff is quite a commitment, especially if you have no knowledge or experience of managing them or their quality of work. Taking on a freelancer also has similar drawbacks, the main one being cost. Hiring in someone short term is generally more expensive as that person won’t be working all the time or will be looking for longer term contracts. Theres less of a commitment and loyalty from them, and imagine they left mid project and were replaced by someone who works a different way and can’t utilise what they’ve done. This leaves you having to answer to your now not so loyal client.

What to do next

So if you are looking for a company to provide any digital media and marketing solutions you don’t provide, like web design, SEO, development, social media and hosting, then get in touch with the local digital marketing experts in the Philippines or Thailand and see how we can work together. A quick chat with us and you will see the benefits to both companies of this type of solution.