Affordable SEO  Packages Delivering Measurable Results

Our SEO packages are designed to dramatically boost your company’s visibility on the internet, adding value to your website and delivering a measurable set of results ultimately generating business.

We provide SEO services with:

  • Regular reporting on work and results so you know where your marketing budget is going
  • Time taken to understand your business and strategise accordingly with simple clear aims
  • Work that only utilises “white hat” techniques to build your sites existing authority

“We don’t tie you into lengthy contracts and we can customise a bespoke campaign to suit your needs and budget. We show our clients the way to take their online presence to the next level in an increasingly digital business environment.”


10 Key Phrases


20 Key Phrases


Bespoke Work and Consultancy

Initial / One Off Onsite Report

Never had your site optimised to capitalise on its authority (age and popularity), then have a one off hand made strategised report based with a rankings PDF delivered and implemented.

Most SEO agencies and professionals will agree that having a well optimised site for Search Engines is an advantage. It makes results easier to achieve by making offsite work more effective, but also it can make instant ranking boosts from the start by maximising on your existing authority with Google.

We offer a complete Website Optimisation Service including:

  • Initial consultation to define your main Key Term
  • Additional key term variation research
  • Ranking report PDF
  • Onsite report with all proposed changes (inc Title Bars, Meta Description, H1’s, internal keyword linking
  • Recommendations on how to best help your site in the future
  • Virus check
  • Duplicate content check
  • Back link check
  • Removal of any misused tags and bad practices
  • Google Web Master Tools – Sitemap, Robot.txt file all submitted to Google
  • 2 hours implementation*

This is a great place to continue your own SEO work from, or later with ourselves. All good SEO starts here- 5000฿**

Putting your website to work

There is an old adage that goes: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The trouble is I don’t know which half.”

Most businesses have websites. But, is your website working for you? Can the ready-to-spend customers that are actively searching for your services, find you? Do you know how much impact your advertising and marketing expenditures are having on your net profits?

If the answer is “I don’t know”, to any of these questions, then your website isn’t living up to its full potential.

Over 90 per-cent of all Google users don’t go past page one. So, what should you do if your site’s not on page one? These days you have more competitors for the same services. Consequently, you have more things to do on your site before Google chooses you above the competition.

In short, you need professional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services. Marketing companies are the best choice to turn to for SEO services, as it their business to stay up-to-date on the current Google best practices. These are the guidelines that Google uses to keep the playing field level.

But, what is SEO? Google has to judge all websites and decide what order to place your site in the rankings. In other words, it has to decide whether to place your site above or behind a site listing similar services. How does it do this? Well, Google can only really judge you on two areas.

The first is how relevant your site is to the search. This is done by looking at the content of the site and the optimisation (the bit that you and I don’t really see) and for Google to determine how easy it is to work out what you do.

The second is how popular your site is in relation to the rest of the internet. This is how many times your site is mentioned, and where it’s mentioned, elsewhere on the internet.

SEO Pattaya

When you work with a marketing company that understands the mechanics of SEO, they will address both of these criteria in-depth. It takes time for results depending on your online history and the competition. But, the results can be extremely rewarding. Especially in businesses that rely on a remote client base, like hotels and property developers.

Being found by people who are searching for what you do is the best marketing result in the world, so working with a marketing company that understands your business AND the world of Google is important. The mechanics and techniques of getting Google to work for you is extremely technical and time consuming.

But the best part, is that the work and results are easily measurable, which is unlike almost all other forms of marketing. You are perfectly able to track and account for the money you are spending.

Working with a company that will keep you informed with “analytics” (Google’s own stats) and keeps you up to date with rankings is vital. It means you can see the results and know how your money is being well spent, and what sort of an ROI you are getting from your new customers from your marketing expenditures. It puts you in control of your advertising and marketing budget, and gives you the tools to make the right decisions and judge whether to invest more in what’s working or less in what isn’t.

A well-executed SEO service can be a revelation, as it lets you know exactly what you’re getting, for the money that you’re spending.

*Please note, implementation time is limited. If your site is large or has complex issues to fix then we will advise on this in the complete report and you are free to have your own developer make these changes or we will advise on a small additional fee for the time.

**Depending on the size of your site. For very large sites that may have complex time consuming issues we will advise at our discretion any extra costs needed.